Aika Ohno will be releasing her second full-length, all English, self-cover album on December 4th, 2002! Like the highly acclaimed "Shadows of Dreams" released earlier this year, this album, entitled "Secret Garden" is also packed with the very best of this hit-makers music! Songs by Mai-K, Rina Aiuchi, and the tambourines can be heard on the album. Plus, there are special guest vocal appearances by Mai-K and Rina Aiuhci! Check out the official Aika Ohno website for more information about this new album.

Some of the bonus remix tracks on Aika Ohno's new album, as well as Mai-K's Giza USA release, "Secret of my heart" were produced by Cool City Productions entourage of track-maker's. The CCP webpage has recently gone bilingual, and contains music samples from some of the best remixers and DJ's in the world. This is definitely worth checking out!

With the releases of Mai-K's "Secret of my Heart" and Aika Ohno's "Shadows of Dreams,"the GIZA USA office has been busy promoting and advertising. One example is this billboard advertisement outside the popular Sunset Boulevard Tower Records in Los Angeles. Read reviews from Billboard magazine about the records and other interesting tid-bits from the U.S. in this exciting new section!


Mai-K's "Loving You . . ." Tour 2002 just finished in Japan, and for those of you who didn't get to see the show, a video of the final Yokohama show and DVD of the best performances from the tour will be releasd in the near future. Check out the GIZA STUDIO NEWS section to get detailed reports of what you can expect to hear on the video and DVD!


The first two releases from GIZA USA came out this January, and both have made quite a splash on both sides of Pacific. Get a detailed preview of both Mai-K's "Secret of my heart" and Aika Ohno's "Shadows of Dreams" in this section!


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In January 2001, GIZA USA set the standard for world pop and R&B with the release of it's two first, highly anticipated albums, "Secret of my heart" and "Shadows of Dreams." This, of course, is only the beginning and you should look forword to more exciting releases from GIZA USA in the near future. Check in here regularly for new information about U.S.releases from Mai-K, Aika Ohno, or other Giza Studio artists.

MAI-K, "Secret of my heart"

Release date: January 22nd, 2002

Preview : Secret of my heart [real]

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Mai-K is one of the biggest pop sensations ever to come out of Japan. Her smash debut album "delicious way," has sold over 3.5 million copies to date and continues to sell well all over Asia. Now this shining star of Japanese pop is ready to conquer America with her first full-length, English-language album in the United States, "Secret of my heart." This will not be, however, her U.S. debut. In 1999, Mai-K was sent to Boston's Cybersound Studio to record her debut single, in large part due to her very "American" sounding, R&B style singing voice influenced by the artists she listened to growing up: Michael jackson, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, etc. The single,"Baby I Like," was recorded by producer and engineer Perry Geyer (Sarah McLachlan, The Cars, New Kids On The Block) who was so impressed with her natural talent and poise that he recommended the single be released in the U.S. First prints of the single were sold out almost immediately after release, and remixes of the track were done by DJ's Mark Kamins (Madonna), Justin Strauss (Swing Out Sister, Depeche Mode) and Joey Moscowitz (Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey). With this early success under her belt, Mai-K went on to record "Love, Day After Tomorrow" in Japan, which charted as high as no.2, and broke sales records for longest selling singles at 1.3 million copies. She followed that up with several top ten hits, including the title track for her U.S. album release, "Secret of my heart." The new album features these and many more of her biggest hits, including four new remixes and a Justin Strauss "Baby I Like" dance remix.

Here's what you can expect to hear on the album:
1. Secret of my heart -- a smoother, laid-back pop version, with a different feel than the Japanese release.
2. Did I Hear You Say That You're In Love -- the B-side track to Mai-K's debut single, "Baby I Like."
3. NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP -- this was her fourth single in Japan.
4. Baby I Like -- recorded when she was just sixteen years old, this track was only released in the U.S.
5. Stay by my side -- another track that was remixed differently for the U.S. release.
6. Can't get enough-gimme your love- a song from her first album, "delicious way."
7. Delicious Way -- a synth-pop classic remix that definitely gives this song a new feel.
8. Love, Day After Tomorrow -- the single that started off her career in Japan, sung in English for the first time!
9. Stepping Out -- the deepness to these lyrics are definitely not the work of your typical teenager.
10. Baby Tonight -You & Me- a tasty R&B ballad from the "delicious way" album.
11. Baby I Like- Extacy Vocal Mix- Remixed by Justin Strauss -- an exciting dance remix by the world-famous dance remixer Justin Strauss.
12. 's All Right-DJ ME-YA Radical Beat Mix- Remixed by DJ ME-YA -- another cool dance mix that rocks the house!

AIKA, "Shadows of Dreams"

Release date: January 17th, 2002

Preview : Love, Day After Tomorrow [real]

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"Shadows of Dreams" is the debut, all English, self-cover album by the song-writer and background vocalist for many of Mai-K's biggest hits, Aika Ohno. In just three years of writing music, she has already written several top ten hits for Japanese pop artists such as Mai-K, Rina Aiuchi, and ZARD. Some of Mai-K's biggest hits-- "Love, Day After Tomorrow," "Secret of my heart," "Delicious Way," -- are on the album, and there is even a special guest appearance by Mai-K herself on the track "always." All tracks are remixed and arranged by some of the world's top arrangers and manipulators, including the Cybersound Studio team and DJ Gomi (Janet Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Celine Dion, etc.). The remixes give new energy to the songs while still keeping true to Aika's original demo sound-- the same demos that have been inspiring artists like Mai-K with Aika's enchanting melodies and sweet, emotional vocals. For Mai-K fans, the album should present interesting introspection into the roots of their favorite Japanese star's songs, as well as the fun of listening and comparing the differences in arrangement and singing style . And for those unfamiliar with Japanese pop, this album presents a truly unique opportunity to hear, feel and experience a style of pop music new to American ears.

Here's what you can expect to hear the album:
1. Love, Day After Tomorrow -- Mai-K's first big hit in Japan, this version has a latin-pop feel to it that really gets your feet moving. The arrangement is also slightly different from Mai-K's.
2. This is your life -- orginally a B-Side to the "Secret of my heart" single, this song could have easily been a single itself. The Cybersound team really helped make this song groove with their kickin' drum loops.
3. Shadows of Dreams -- the soothing, melodic title track.
4. always -- with a special guest appearance from Mai-K on backing vocals!
5. happy days -- this track more closely resembles the demo version than the one on "delicious way."
6. Secret of my heart -- recorded in NYC by DJ GOMI, this track has some serious R &B "umph" to it.
7. Delicious Way -- with a hard guitar riff and slammin' drum loops, this song fits perfect with Aika's wonderful chorus work.
8. Blue Umbrella -- a beautifully powerful 80's style ballad.
9. I'm crazy for you -- another grooving track by DJ GOMI.
10. Land of Sunshine -- this soft, acoustic song really let's Aika's vocals shine.
11. Stay by my side -- a dance remix version by DJ GOMI.