New Releases in Japan:

'06.7.19 Release

AIKO KITAHARA "Moshimoumarekawattara Mouichido Aishitekuremasuka?/Dream☆ing"


'06.7.19 Release



'06.07.19 Release

Sparkling Point, "TAIYOU〜TIDA〜"


'06.07.12 Release

U-ka Saegusa IN db, "Everybody Jump"


'06.07.12 Release

AYA KAMIKI, "Secret Code"


'06.06.21 Release

MAI KURAKI, "Diamond Wave"


Other News from Japan . . . JULY.2006. edition:

Thursday Night Hills's pankoujou live is the very talented singer RINA AIUCHI(RINA Matsuri RH NIGHT at 20.July),U-Ka Saegusa IN db(CHOCO II To Chokuzen NIGHT at 27.July).Many other big stars from the Being group will be making guest appearances at the live house . . . in fact, you never really know just who might drop in!! For more information on the upcoming schedule go to the official Hills Pan Koujo website. For those not familiar with the hills pan koujou, it is one of the hottest food fashions of the Osaka area, with delicious bread, sandwiches, and soups at very reasonable prices.

Artist by artist and other News:

Mai Kuraki:
The second commercial song of the season for SEA BREEZE products is also the title track for Mai-K's new album,"If I believe." It includes the soft summer breeze single "Kaze no ra ra ra," "Kiss," a theatre version of"Time after Time" and a re-arranged version of "Make my day."

Miho Komatsu:
Things have been going MIHO KOMATSU CRAZY recently at GIZA studio. Released with her new single is a very cool remix album, "Wonderful World." The tracks for this album were created via Cool City Productions, a Tokyo-based remix and club music orientated label that collects music from some of the top remixers in the world. Several tracks on Aika Ohno's "Secret Garden" album were also created by CCP artists. The CCP web site is now bilingual, so those interested in hot new club sounds should definitely check it out.

Rina Aiuchi:
Her 2nd album, "POWER OF WORDS" debuted on the Oricon pop charts at #1 last May. Then she went on a six city tour of Japan, showing off her powerful vocals in performances that delighted crowds everywhere. And now she gives us an encore with the release of this much talked about, previously unreleased gem, "Sincerely Yours," which can also be heard on the hit Fuji Television show, "The Letters," on air Wednesdays from 7:00 pm.

Rina Aiuchi's first single of 2003, "Kaze no nai umi de, dakishimete" is here! While a soft piano intro starts the song off, the song's tempo eventually speeds up, almost as if pulled by Rina's emotional vocals. She definitely polishes her skills as a vocalist, showing us a full 12 minutes of her great vocals in this single!

Their new single, "Crystal Gage," is a medium tempo pop number to follow-up their highly succesful "Spiral" single. It's the song you may of heard in their first live tour (played on the PA system after the show had ended). With all of their songs released in 2002 enetering the top 10, this new single starts off what should be another big year for the band in 2003.

Garnet Crow's "first live scope and document movie" is a live DVD and documentary of the band's first live tour, telling the tale of the craziness that surrounded the string of SOLD OUT shows by one of GIZA's hottest bands. Sometimes delicate, sometimes dynamic, the songs of Garnet Crow surround the crowd in a powerful yet soft velvet feeling that is captured well in this DVD.

Hitoshi Okamoto:
Currently working on a new musical project in the studio.

Yumi Shizukusa:
Check out her hot debut single, "Don't you wanna see me, oh tonight."

Hayami Kishimoto:
The soulful voice and rhythmic style make her debut single, "Mei Q!?-Meikyuu-MAKE★YOU-" a hot, danceable hit!

rumania montevideo:
The third album from the guitar pop meistros, "Mo' Better Tracks," includes the hits, "Hard Rain," "start all over again," and the ending theme song for the TBS television network show CD TV, "tender rain." With all the various side projects the band has been involved with over the last couple of years, all the members feel they have broadened their musical horizons . . . and the hip sound of this album is proof of just how far they have come!

Ramjet Pulley:
Following the footsteps of their smash hit first album, "a cup of day," their second album "A Wonderful Feeling" is finally here! As cafe music, the music is perfect for enjoying tea time. It's great for adding spice to your life as background music. The natural, light feeling of this album is sure to please all!

Akane Sugazaki:
This newcomer has been a hot topic in the Kansai club and music scene with her brand of chillout, organic soul. Her first single, "Beginning Dream" is so hot, that FM radio stations put it on air before her debut date was even decided! After that, orders rushed in for this hot new song. The music and her singing seem to leave a deep impression into anybody that hears it. At the young age of 13, the endless possibilities for this young talent are sure to take the Japanese music scene by storm!

Uehara Azumi
With her wonderful lyric-writing sense and her pure vocals, this album is sure to move your heart: It's Azumi Uehara's long-awaited 1st album! Starting with her recently released single, "Mushoku," and including the hits "Aoi Aoi kono hoshini," "Special Holynight," "Bye Bye My BLUE SKY," and "Lazy," this collection of music specially written for her lyrics includes 12 songs overall!

U-ka Saegusa
"Sad but sweet" is the key concept to her first mini album "Secret & Lies", which is a compilation of songs by seven of the labels best hit-making songwriters. This is truly a collection of sad but sweet songs delivered by U-ka Saegusa. It includes her latest single, "Tears Go By." The music is written by hit-maker Aika Ohno, one of the main songwriters for Mai-K. It's another well-produced, medium pop-tune classic!

Aiko Kitahara
Check out Aiko Kitahara's latest single, "Sun rise train / kimino egaku sono mirai." This single is again latin-music flavored, with a funky groove sound. Once you listen, you'll be caught by it's infectious grooves. Starting with the catchy chorus-line and moving to latin-rythms, this song is sure to put you in an exotic mood.

the tambourines:
The tambourines newest album, "dizzy season" is based on a "travel" theme, with the musical journey started with a puncy little short opening song, all of their great songs filling up the middle part of the trip, and finishing off with another short song that keeps the happy memories of your musical vacation fresh in your mind. This is another album packed full of original pop sound that you won't wanna miss!