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GIZA USA is a branch of the Osaka, Japan-based music studio, GIZA Studio. GIZA Studio is actually part of a conglomerate of music companies known as The Being Group. The companies in this group cover everything there is in the making of music from recording, publishing, and marketing, to video shooting , photography, design, and mass-media producing. The Being Group includes Rooms Records, J-Disc, Mods House, Zain records, B-Gram Records and many other independent labels and companies. Although several artists in this group have released records in America already, GIZA USA is the first company branch actually based on U.S. soil. GIZA Studio and The Being Group hope to promote it's many bands through this new company to U.S. audiences. This web-site is designed to introduce you to the many artists at GIZA, and to announce U.S. releases by the company. Although not all the music presented on this site is sung in English, all band profiles and news reports will be written in English and updated regularly.

The GIZA USA label works with distribution networks in the U.S. to deliver it's products to fans all over the world. Artists on the GIZA Studio label who's products were previously unavailable outside of Japan will release albums in English on this new label. These new records will be available to fans all over the world!

The GIZA USA web site is perfect for those who want to check out the many sounds of Japanese popular music, or the many new, alternative sounds represented on the GIZA label. You will find the melodies and rhythm to be a refreshing change from standard pop sound, and may even be surprised by the quality and range of the music presented here.

Please enjoy your trip through the website, and feel free to contact us with any comments, questions or opinions.